The more you use your wrap, the quicker you’ll get the hang of it and be able to wrap in no time! IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER
  • Your baby’s chin should be lifted off her chest to ensure open airways.
  • Baby should be close enough to kiss and never dangle in the wrap.
  • Baby’s face should be visible at all times.
  • Baby’s knees should be pulled up in the ‘froggy’ or ‘M’ position.
  • Rather wrap too tight as you can always loosen the wrap once baby is in.
  • Make sure fabric cover baby’s back.
  • All babies must face the wearer (never forward) and be carried in an upright, vertical position.
  • To take your baby out, peel the three layers back and gently lift baby out.
TIP: If you’re out for the day, put the wrap on before you leave, making it easy to pop baby in when you arrive. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: machine washable • tumble dry low • iron low